5 Link Building Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

You may be right if you complain that linkbuilding can be boring sometimes. The truth is that if you are starting to build links to your site or blog at first; you may be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do for your efforts to start paying off. But when you bear in mind that linkbuilding, especially one way back link would definitely increased your link popularity and boost your Google and other search engines ranking, you will be geared up.

There are many people that presently have other opinions regarding Google webpage ranking but it is imperative to remember that your site must rank high in the search engine result page if you want to start getting floods of targeted traffic. There isn’t any way you will be ranked high in Google if you don’t have the necessary back links to your blogs or sites. Here are some essential link building factors you mustn’t toy with if you want your site or blog to start ranking high in Google and other search engines.

  1. Your first consideration should be how to get back links from sites that relate to yours. This simply means that getting back links from sites or blogs in the same niche as yours are much more valuable than getting back links from numerous unrelated or irrelevant sites or blogs. The more back links you get from related or relevant blogs or site, the more the search engines robots value your sites and would be ready to reward you with high search engine ranking.
  1. You have to try and avoid ‘nofollow’ sites. The nofollow was introduced to curtail activities of spammers online but many web owners are beginning to use it with reckless abandon without calculating its adverse SEO implications on other sites or blogs. So, it is important to note that linking back from any forum, log or site with ‘nofollow’ tag will not add any positive value to your SEO campaign. It is better you completely avoid them.
  1. You can increase your Google linkjuice by properly using anchor texts. These are texts that are used on the link s where your site is posted. You shouldn’t be among those who would simply write ‘CLICK HERE FOR MORE.’ rather, you can use your keywords there so that the search engines bots will read and recognize where the link is heading to even before getting to the page.
  1. Try and get link backs from high PR sites or blogs. These sorts of back links are far better than the links you will get from lower ranked sites or blog. If you can get many high PR sites to link back to your site or blog, don’t hesitate to grab the opportunity.
  1. You have to get back links that are permanent. Nothing pays more than getting effective back links but if you want to keep your search engine result page ranking, you have to ensure that you don’t lose any of the page ranks. If you have subscribed to linkbuilding services merchants, you have to buy in bulk and make sure that you renew your subscription on timely basis or you can shop for those with just one time payment set up.