Climb the Search Engines by Link Building

The craze to successfully climb the search engine result pages have been a hot topic on the internet for few years now. It is important to note that apart from buying link backs in bulks from link building services merchants, which are very effective, you can start blogging on the subject of your site for the needed SEO ranking.

Note that for your blogging effort to start paying off, you must be ready to blog on some specific subject. For example, if you are selling children’s wears, it is advisable that your blog should be on a related topic so that your effort would be rewarded with higher ranking in the search engines. This is because backs links are few of the most effective organic ways of gaining the search engines’ algorithms’ confidences which will normally be rewarded with higher search result page ranking. So, it is imperative that the subject of your online business or activity and that of your blog should be similar if not the same for the best result.

It is necessary to point out that while you are blogging in order to get the needed back link for your online web presence, you have to carefully monitor such blogs to avoid the spam backlinks that may not attract the not of the search engines. Start writing in your blog at least thrice weekly but ensure that you do not write more than 300 words per article you post on your blog. This is to ensure that your blog visitors read the articles you post till the end without getting bored midway. You should also ensure that such articles aren’t below 200 words if you want them to count in the SEO link building techniques you are using.

Talking about SEO blogging, you may start writing freely at first without targeting and keywords for at least the first two weeks. Writing and posting consistently will make you to get accustomed to constant blog posting so that when you start targeting certain keywords or keywords phrases, it would have become part of you to update your blog.

You simply get the major keywords of the subject you are targeting and use them effectively in your blog posts and titles. For example, if you are promoting products that has to do with retirement, you may choose the word ‘retirement’ and follow it up by searching for other possible words or phrases your prospects are using to search for information regarding retirement. Once you have gotten up to 10 of such words, you can then sit down and write a 250 or 350 words articles based on each of the keywords or keywords phrases.

At this time, you are ripe to start daily articles postings on such blog and begin to build your link backs. This is very effective and has worked for many blog/web owners but you have to be consistent and follow the simple guidelines. The frequency of your keyword-rich posts in such blog will go a long way in determining how Google and other search engines rank such blog on their search result pages.