Natural Link Building with Blog Commenting

There are lots of natural link building techniques you can use to not only boost the page ranking of your site or blog but also get the much needed organic and targeted traffic needed to increase the revenue base of your internet-based business. Blog commenting and posting are some of the ways you can begin to build links naturally to your site or blog without stress. The immense possibilities and organic link building opportunities that abound in blog commenting aren’t enjoyed by many SEO experts because they only abuse the process and come back to complain.

The truth is the some search engine optimization experts or even most savvy internet marketers can be quite desperate sometimes. This usually leads them to use software where they are supposed to manually input some applications or take certain actions. One of the abuse of software application is through blog commenting. Most of the SEO experts are of the view that the more comments they make in different but relevant blogs, the more inbound links and utmost web visibility they achieve for their sites. While this has some elements of truth in it, the way and manner it is carried out goes a long way to determine its effectiveness and overall benefits.

When some internet marketers use the blog commenting software to post comments such as ‘GOOD POST’ to as many as 100 blogs at the click of a button, they would be expecting miracles to happen. This is quite ironical because this kind of post or blog comment is a bit useless and will bring back absolutely no good result at the end of the day. The truth is that these kinds of blog comment via the software are usually regarded as spam, which they are, actually.

A better way to comment on blogs and get the needed positive backlinks and exposure is by human blog commenting. This can be done more effectively if you are only commenting on the blogs in your niche especially those that are already ranking high in the search engines’ result pages at the moment. You should determine to only comment on the posts you have some valuable issues to discuss. This means that your blog commenting can only be effective if your comments are meaningful and carries beneficial contents. This will make other blog visitors to take another look at the link in your signature box and possibly click-in to read more in your blog or site.

You are also advised to write or comment in blogs with some personal touches. This simply means that you have to comment as if you are talking or discussing with your next door neighbor or friend. Make sure that you try as much as possible to use some of your targeted keywords while commenting so that most of your blog comments can be tracked by the search engines and ranked high in the result pages whenever such keywords are searched for. You should also comment on regular basis but try to be creative so as not to appear like spam.