Reasons To Do Link Building!

If you are new to search engine optimization processes, the first thing you should know is that it entails both on page optimization and off page optimization processes. There are many On Page engine optimization processes such as keyword titles, Meta tag internal page links and so on but the trend now is that majority of the top ranking search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google values Off page search engine optimization processes more than the on page versions.

By Off page search engine optimization process, we mean those actions that are geared towards improved Google page rankings, improving one’s site link popularity and making use of keywords-rich anchor text to link back to one’s site from other blogs or sites in the same niche.

To start with, we may have to look at brief description of link popularity and how it positive affects your site page ranking and the revenue base of your online business.

Link popularity entails any positive means you can use as a webmaster to make your site popular through link building on the World Wide Web. Note that we mentioned the need for you to take more off page search engine optimization approaches. Link building and link popularity are few of the major off page SEO methods that has very huge proven positive track records. This is because as you are building links with others sites or blogs in your niche, the search engines’ algorithms are recognizing your efforts and will begin to accord your blog or site the needed higher page rankings. This is in addition to the fact that the more links your build with others in your niche, the more visible your site would start being in the niche because many prospects will now be able to click-in to your site or blog from other related sites. It is very natural for any body to have more trust in your site if such person notices that some respectable sites or blogs in the niche are pointing g back to your site or blog. It shows that they have confidence in what is happening in your webpages and the prospective may likely begin to have such confidence too.

You can check the link popularity of your site or blog and see all the websites that are linking back to your site and this will help you to know if you are really getting enough one way inbound link. Even though it is important to note that no amount of inbound links are enough so you should strive to be getting as much as you possibly can, especially from relevant sites or blogs.

Always remember that the links that are only pointing to your site carries more values than reciprocated links but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reciprocate or exchange links from time to time. You simply have to search for sites that are ranked higher than yours and ask for link exchange but be sure to place their links in your pages that aren’t ranking higher so that you will benefit more from the deal.