Understanding the Difference Between Manual and Auto Directory Submission Services

Directory submission is an online marketing segment that includes submitting your page, blog or website to different online directories. Companies offering directory submission services basically help in giving better online exposure for your website, services or business. The process ultimately ends up attracting more and more potential clients towards your website, thereby helping you generate more sales.

Similarly, you could find more and more takers for your services as well, as most of the people who visit your site are the potential customers, or the ones who actually are in need of services provided by your business.

The website or a webpage can be submitted either manually or with the aid of some software. The former is referred to as manual directory submission, and the later is referred to as automatic directory submission.

Both the manual and the automatic directory submission services have their own advantages and disadvantages. Individual descriptions of both these submission types would give us a clearer picture.

Automatic submissions:

This task involves downloading submission software. You might have to buy them, or you could also get free applications with limited features. Your site will be submitted automatically to various online directories very quickly. This procedure takes only little time for completion.

However, many directories do not prefer auto-submissions, and they might even ban your website for attempting such submissions. Moreover, your inbox gets flooded with spam mails if you use auto submitters.

Therefore, the main disadvantage of auto submissions is the quality aspect. The quality of the submissions can be poor, and the probability of being ranked by the directories and search engines is very less. Such software applications are not reliable, and they bypass some popular directories

Manual submission:

In this process, you visit each and every directory one after the other and submit your services or website all by yourself. The chances of missing out on any important directory are very less, and even if you do miss a couple of them, you could always go back and submit your website to those directories. The process is time-consuming, as you are performing the tedious task of visiting every directory.

The chances of your site being accepted by the directories are quite high. In all probability it may also being ranked much higher. Ultimately you get really good quality, which in turn will help you in attracting more and more potential clients to your websites.

The good quality submission along with link building SEO services is the greatest advantage of the manual submission. The only disadvantage with this submission is the tiresome nature of the job. It can be a hectic task.

Choosing the right option:

If you have to opt between the manual and the automatic directory submission services, then surely the manual submission should be preferred. The combined option of manual submission and link building SEO services provides a better chance for your website getting ranked higher in the search engine.

Perfect solution:

If you do not have sufficient time to perform the task, it would be better if you

take help from professional companies offering link building SEO services. Many companies specialize in submission jobs, and due to growing competition among them, they normally offer their services for competitive prices.

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